Scottish Weddings – Celebrate the individuality

Since I grew up in Edinburgh, and adore my homeland very much, I needed to dedicate post site to Scottish weddings. And who better to write about it than the hosts of one of Scotland’s Wedding venues at Ardwell Church

Scotland is a nation of fashion, a state of fantastic culture and a country with fantastic individuality.

From Brave Heart to Celebrity Weddings there’s an apparent attraction to our land. Statistics released by the General Register Office for Scotland reveal that in Scotland union is on the upswing, with 28,480 unions in 2017 — 956 over in 2016.

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Scotland has a unique mixture of history, romance and tradition, coupled with fantastic scenery. Our countryside is unlike anyplace else with rocky hills, scenic lochs, and gorgeous heather in bloom creating stunning landscapes.

So to that which makes a Scottish wedding…. Scottish?

It may be the customs of which you will find many such as blackening, Kilts, thistle, the scramble, the Lang reel along with the conventional grand parade. A number of these have expired but in some areas they’re famous.

It’s a whole lot to do with all the Scottish individuals, We’ve got a history of Being among the most populous nations in the world and it is true we hold dear. Scottish weddings place enormous importance on the feeling of family as well as the heritage of Auld Lang Syne in the conclusion of a marriage reception which makes this much more widespread with everybody coming together.

Whether that is the wearing of traditional Highland dress, the Kilt. There’s nothing better in marriage than seeing the laddies in kilts.

When contemplating wedding rings, Celtic knots are extremely lovely and also a gorgeous way to display legacy.

The playing of this Bagpipes is fantastic a great tradition”Highland Wedding” being quite common. In addition to being chucked in and from Venue ceremony, being ventured to the meal and toasted from the piper using the Quaich is ordinary.

A Ceilidh to your Reception Is Excellent fun, and a fantastic way to Bring two families together, being flung about on the dance floor is an excellent icebreaker.

There are many ways that heritage could be attracted to the wedding day. Thistles are favorite within a wedding bouquet, and dining table centerpieces plus they create a dramatic statement, and tartan linens may be utilised to provide this additional Scottish touch.

Celtic knots, the saltire, thistles and tartans are fantastic ideas And exceptionally popular for integrating from the cake, bridal gown, and wedding invitations.

wedding thistle

Old Celtic customs are a part of ceremonies for countless Years, and the roots of Tying the Knot came in the few ripping their plaids and linking them together around their wrists and this can be called handfasting today.

We’re incredibly fortunate as a country that we can get married just about everywhere.
In addition to one of our magnificent medieval Scottish retains, beautiful country homes. Scotland’s wedding venues provides the chance to marry on a ship up a hill, our rear gardens, even a handfasting at a forest glade or any place else which you could imagine, and you may accomplish this without needing to go through the formalities individually before. Therefore personalising your wedding by sporting your tartan with flowers in your hair wed among these mountains is feasible incredibly romantic.

We welcome you warmly and I’d recommend anybody to look at marrying within our fantastic country.

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