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Hello and welcome to Ardwell Church, situated in the Rhins of Galloway in South West Scotland.

The church has a varied and well documented history. Have a look at our history pages for photos, letters, details and more about this beautiful building.

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The sacred Scotland – About Ardwell Church

Set sail on an unforgettable journey to some of the most spectacular spots of Scotland including the Rosslyn Templar Chapel or the captivating community of Ardwell. You will enjoy the mysteries of this enigmatic land and you will immerse yourself in the most beautiful legends. Allow your delightful escorts to take you to explore new paths of adventure and mysticism.

A fantastic expedition through the most impressive sceneries

Scotland is a spectacular land of an impressive beauty and wonderful energy. For that reason, your exquisite escorts will propose you to make a pilgrimage of the soul as you explore the most magnificent features of this country. The experience they have in mind involves tuning yourself with every place you visit with them through meditations, rituals, walks, stories and peaceful moments of silence.

This unique experience will allow you to open yourself to the energy of this amazing country so you can feel how it invades you.

This is one of the most puzzling temples of Scotland. Its history is associated with the Templars. Some people say that the survivors fled to Scotland where they built this chapel. This structure hides in its internal and external decoration the keys to find the Holy Grail.

Your impressive companion from the Escort Directory will also recommend you to visit Edinburgh, a very special city. She will explain you that it is located on the remains of an extinct volcano.

As intelligent escorts will inform you, this beautiful town is categorized as one of the places with more paranormal activity. You can feel the energy of creativity flowing through you. For that reason, many writers have chosen this place to connect with their muses transforming this spot into the scenery of their stories.

You will realize that it is precisely in Edinburg where the spirits of the nature are recognized. It stands out for its magnificence and spiritualism.

Take your dazzling escort to Orkney Islands. You will delight on the peace and tranquility irradiated by this spot. Its megalithic circles will not leave you indifferent, because they allow you to connect with its purest essence, with its ancestors and with the Magic of the Earth. You will open your soul to this feeling and for sure to this astonishing place.

Discover the most captivating features of Ardwell

This small village stands out for its colorful gardens and impressive landscapes. A place that your marvelous escort will recommend you to visit is one of the oldest churches of Scotland which known as Ardwell Church. This small sanctuary is entirely built of stone.

This chapel is known these days as Ardwell Community Kirk and is mainly used for the activities of the community. It was built over a hundred years ago and is used one day every month for the evening service.

Many weddings are also celebrated in this popular church as your fantastic escorts will inform you. If you want to delight on the most delightful performance, then you should hear how the Ardwell Choir sings.