Church Details

Ardwell church was built in 1900-1902 to the design of Peter MacGregor Chalmers, a distinguished architect based in Glasgow. It is approximately 6 miles from the village of Stoneykirk or from Kirk Covenant (Kirkmaiden), which was the nearest churches of the Church of Scotland. It succeeded an iron church, where services had been held since 1881.

The church is built in an austere Gothic style. The church's bell tower is surmounted by an octagonal spire. The floor plan is in the shape of a cross with the organ in the North transept. The furnishings are of about 1900-1902 and include a wooden pulpit on the church arch, North side, and a communion table in the centre of the chancel. The East window has a stained glass scene, by William Wilson 1953, of our Lord stilling the Storm. The interior walls of the church are of white stone with several texts inscribed, such as "Blessed are the pure in heart", situated over the main door.

The church can seat approximately 220 people. The dedication service took place on 26th February 1902. The first minister, Andrew Barr,served from 1902 to 1933.
The church is now in partnership with Sandhead church, together being the parish of Stoneykirk. Services are held in Ardwell church on alternate Sundays at 10 am.

Thanks to Mr. F Brewis for the above information.

Stone Masons

The church was built by local stonemasons.
James Bailey - grandfather of Sam McColm Drummore.
William McGuffog - Drummore.
William McGarrie - Drummore.

These men walked from their homes in Drummore to Ardwell each day, leaving at 5am, and walked home again each night. Sunday was the only day they saw their families.

The stone used in the construction of the church was known as freestone or sandstone and came from the Prudham quarry near Hexham in Northumberland. It was transported via train to Dunragit station, a few miles from Stranraer, and from there via horse and cart to the site in Ardwell.

My thanks to Sam McColm and Francis Brewis for this information.