Last Stone - About Ardwell community

Ardwell is picturesque rural community that lies in the coast of Luce Bay. The community assists regularly to the services and activities organized on their main church which has the same name of the village. This small chapel was designed by the renowned architect Peter MacGregor more than one hundred years ago.


One of the oldest architectonic jewels of the sacred Scotland

The design of Ardwell church was reformulated by the architect in order to adapt it to the budget of the community, even though he was proud of the original idea. He did not want the chapel to be constructed with cheap materials; instead he preferred to reduce the dimensions of the tower.

MacGregor considered that an un-finished structure made with the highest quality materials is much more appreciated than a complete but poorly executed work. For that reason, he decided to cut the belfry at the level of the edge of the windows.

Among the alternative solutions he proposed in a new sketch, he suggested to place a roof made with lead on the top of the belfry with a narrow spire in the center. However, in the end they decided to resort to an octagonal pinnacle.

An iconic church built with dedication by a devout community

The structure has an economical Gothic style, and its floor plan has been outlined as a cross. MacGregor invested his best efforts and creativity on preparing the materials and design for the communion table which is placed in the center of the basilica.

The architect was not used to work twice with the same design. For that reason, he wanted to create something fresh and different for this church using the available resources. Bearing that in mind, he exchanged some ideas with Lady Stewart who was in charge of approving every decision concerned to the project. The structure was entire built by local bricklayers who used to work on their tasks from 5 in the morning to late evening every day except Sundays.