Kirkmaiden - Amazing things about Scotland

Scotland is a magnificent place that holds an extraordinary variety of landscapes from the sweet hills of the Borders to the spectacular lakes of the central part. In this country of infinite beauty, you will be welcomed by friendly people, delicious gastronomy and strong cultural traditions. It will be easy for you to find out what makes this culture so special if you dare to explore it in depth.


A close contact with nature and spiritual realms

When you visit Scotland, it is inevitable that you immerse yourself in a world of mysticism due to the powerful energy emanating from this place. This is a sacred land filled with enigmatic stories and legends that will transform your perspective.

You can begin your adventure by exploring the small island located on the west coast of Scotland. This spot is known as Iona and holds the oldest rocks of the planet. It irradiates the most powerful and stimulating energy that you will ever feel. Despite its small dimension, it is capable of exerting a strong influence in your mind and body.

You will also have the chance to delight on the magnificence of Findhorn, a bay with an incredible story that is constantly whipped by cold winds.

Findhorn, a spot filled with energy and magic

In the early 1960's, Mr. and Mrs. Caddy and Dorothy MacLean lost their jobs. For that reason they had to move to live in a motor home in the land where this community is currently located.

The need for subsistence forced these people to develop unique spiritual abilities that produced a miracle. Through an intense connection with elemental creatures of nature, they transformed the sandy and arid land into a garden.

This event called the attention of many scientists and people from all over the world that arrived to this land with the aim of learning from them. Newcomers gradually installed themselves with their motor homes to live in the area, giving place to the formation of a small spiritual community. These days this spot is known as an international holistic center.